About us

Dr. Harsh R Kapadiya graduated with Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy from M.S University Vadodara. He is an experienced and specialized in the treatment of Orthopedic Conditions. He values individualized care for his patients and works hard to help patients to regain there goals. 

He is also Certified Dietician & Nutritionist and focuses on his patients life style modification and ergonomics.

Our Best services

We Provide Physiotherapy, Manual Therapy, Myofacial Release technique and many more, our highly experienced Physiotherapist will work with you in order to provide expert assessments and treatments.

  1. IFT
  2. TENS
  3. Ultrasound 
  4. Wax bath
  5. Moist heat
  6. Cervical & Lumber Traction
  7. Pneumatic Compression Therapy 
  8. Myofascial Release
  9. Manual Therapy
  10. Gait Training

Our Facilities

Enjoy the best Physiotherapy and fitness session combined together

 Whether you are recovering from any injury or simply what to be “Fit to Work”, we are here for you. Where it is Physiotherapy, Manual Therapy or Myofascial release technique, you need our highly experience Physiotherapists. Our work with you in order to provide expert assessments and treatments.
We treat all types of injuries from everyday Aches and Pains to Traumatic Injuries, Work and Car accident related injuries, Post operative and Sports rehabilitation for all ages.

our service physical and mental state combined together

We treat all types of injuries; E.g Everyday Aches and Pains, Traumatic injuries, work & car accident related injuires, Post Operative and Sports Rehabilitation for all age group.

Diet & Nutrition

All of us desire to lead an active, healthy and happy life without any health issue. And the key ingredient to such a life is a balanced diet and a bit of exercise.

Ortho care

Our Ortho Care service is very useful for people ailing of orthopedic conditions like fractures, joint replacements, spinal deformities, arthritis etc.

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You will get the best trained physiotherapists to help you in getting your normal life back as soon as possible with best package deal.

Consultation Fees

Rs 50 for 4 Months


 Myofascial Release – 3 Sessions per week

Regular Therapy

It includes active exercise , IFT, TENS, Ultrasound, Moist Heat, Traction and Ice.


Wax Bath, Muscles stimulation, – Rs 20 extra.


Pneumatic compression therapy- Rs 50 extra


We are happy to serve you and relive your pain, please book your appointment and get in touch with us.

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